Trance Healing / Reading / Spiritual Appraisal


Trance healing is a powerful healing tool in which I have an even closer connection to the spirit world to allow my spirit helpers to channel the healing energy at a deeper level.

What happens?

I would ask you to sit on a chair and I will sit beside you and connect to the spirit world and when the blending is right the healing session will begin.

You may be spoken to by my spirit helpers, or not, it is entirely dependent upon what is needed for you at that particular time.

The session will take approx. 30 mins and you would need to bring someone with you to be in the room with us.



For those of you who have received a spiritual reading you will note that the presence of spirit is far greater as I attune to the person who wishes to give a communication.   This may be my guide or it may be a relation who will communicate with the help of my guide.  There is no guarantee what will occur but I can assure you that it will be the intention to enrich the experience for you so that you receive exactly what you need at this particular time.

I will attune to the spirit world and the reading is approximately 30 mins.



A trance spiritual appraisal is a wonderful way to hear direct from the spirit world about your own personal spiritual journey.  They will encourage and confirm ideas or experiences that you may have already experienced as well as using gentle guidance for your future pathway.  Again, no guarantee can be made as to what will occur or be said but usually it is a beautiful and moving experience to be in the presence of spirit with all the love that can be felt as you listen to their words.

I will attune to the spirit world and the appraisal is approximately 30 mins.  A CD will be produced and given to you at the end of the reading.

I would ask you to be respectful at all times during a trance experience because loud noise and sudden movement can have a great effect on me whilst at this level of attunement.  

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