About Hazel Ballard

Hazel Ballard is a wife, mother and grandmother and has had many life experiences  –  some good and some not so good but it is because of these experiences that Hazel can empathise and communicate with her Clients and Students on a very personal level.

An International Medium, Hazel travels to many places and she is always eager to take her brand of mediumship wherever the want is created.  Hazel believes that the inner Spirit must be nurtured and guided along with learning the mechanics of being a Medium.  This cannot be rushed!  It is through hard work and dedication that personal development is gained and a high standard of mediumship can be offered.

Hazel did belong to a large spiritualist organisation but acknowledges that this is not for everyone and is now free to follow the vision that she has been shown by the Spirit World – where Spirituality is the key.

Hazel Ballard links her spiritual awareness to her work which ensures that she provides a compassionate, intuitive approach to a Client’s or Students well-being.  She believes passionately that self empowerment skills are the best way to navigate life change, fear and uncertainty by showing Clients and Students how to master their power, energy and personal authority.

Hazel has trained extensively as a Medium and has now opened her own school ‘Free Spirit Academy of Psychic Studies’.  She knows what it is like to feel bewildered and even afraid of what you don’t understand and it is her intention to eliminate these feelings for those who attend Free Spirit.  More details are currently being formalised and will be placed on a separate page.


“Consider that people are like tea bags.  They don’t know their own strength until they get into hot water.”

Dan McKinnin

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