New beginnings – old habits!

December 26th, 2011

Amazing!  That is what a New Year is – especially one such as 2012.  Why is that you ask?  Oh yes, we make New Year resolutions to improve our life because we feel full of hope and certainty and, by keeping our resolutions, our life will be so much better.

What baloney!  New Years day is amazing but it has no more meaning than any other day because it will be as you wish it to be.  Bear with me on this for a moment or two.  Each day holds the promise of joy, love and serenity especially for those that have problems.  You see, it all depends on how you wish to interpret your day.

It is no-one else’s fault that we are in the situation that we are in and it is not necessarily our own fault either, but it is our fault if we choose to stay within the confines of this difficulty.   Once we realise that laying blame at someone else’s door does not help a situation then we can move forward.

Should you be at the mercy of a controlling character – you can take back control.

Should you be seriously ill – you can look inwards and start to heal yourself, even if this does not mean recovery.

Should you be hungry – you can find food.

Should you be missing a loved one – you can bring them to your heart with memories.

There are many such maladies that we humans suffer within this life – but why do we insist on suffering?  Life isn’t for suffering it is for enjoying – whatever the circumstances.

We dwell on the bad and hardly ever give thanks for the good in our life and there is not one person alive that cannot find some good within their day.

The whole point is how you go about finding that good.  If you expect it to come to you – it won’t.  If you feel it is your right – it is not.

Set yourself a small task to fulfill every day before you get out of bed – and if you aren’t able to get out of bed then you are not as limited as you may believe.  How about smiling at someone or thanking them for a small service?  What does this cost you?  Absolutely nothing, so you need no money.  What do you get back?  A warm glow as they return your smile – your smile might be the only smile they have had all week.  A grateful acknowledgement of your thank you as they are used to people just taking from them with no thought.  It is these small tasks that make the difference in the world to others and ourselves.  Before you go to sleep at night, even if this is only for a few hours, take the time to think about these good moments.  Hold them to you and let them become a part of you so that your sleep will be more refreshing, more energising and revitalising before you start the process all over again the next day.  Let this become a way of life in 2012 no matter what your circumstances.

We do not need to make extravagant gestures to change our lives we just need to keep it simple.  In this way we do not reach the end of January in sombre mood because we could not keep our resolutions.

Thoughts, words and actions all follow one another to make our life what we wish it to be.

So, start new beginnings by all means but that doesn’t mean that you have to kick all old habits – just invest in a few new ones!


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