What are holidays all about?

August 30th, 2011

I went to Scotland for five days with my husband and returned home late last night.  The weather was extremely good to us as we travelled visiting various landmarks along the way.  Starting at Edinburgh, we went to Aviemore – a beautiful place given over to a Harley Davidson Rally called Thunder in the Glens for a couple of days.  This, however, didn’t take anything away from the beauty, in fact, it created a beauty all of its own as we saw these hard looking, leather clad men and women admiring not only the gorgeous bikes that they were riding but the sheer beauty of the area.  We met them at memorials, where they showed great respect, and at viewing spots in the surrounding countryside doing just what we were doing, taking in the breathtaking scenery before us.

We regained a piece of the past by journeying on a steam train, taking tea as it trundled along.  Lochs, glens and the quaint and picturesque little towns that make up the part of the Highlands that we explored left a lasting impression.

But really, what did I gain from this holiday?  For me it was a re-connection to myself and to the people and world around me.  Taking time out of our busy lives to just enjoy ourselves in whatever way we choose is so important.  For some, it may be a high activity, on the go, type of experience whereas for others it may just be sitting in the garden enjoying the stillness.  Whatever we choose as an escape is necessary to our well being.  We need to nurture and feed our bodies, mind and spirit because not to do so means that our lives become dreary and drab instead of the wonder that life ought to be.  Whatever our state of fortune we can give our life meaning and joy through realising our needs – not our wants – but our needs.

For each of us this need is so totally different to our ‘want’.  By continually wanting we never have enough because once we receive what we want it is inevitably replaced with another want.  It is important that we look both inside ourselves and outside at the same time to stop this cycle.  By looking inside we discover that our needs are usually quite simple and by applying these to the outside, that is, to other people and our piece of the world a miracle occurs.  By giving instead of receiving, by listening instead of talking, by smiling instead of sulking we allow others to bathe in the joy that we are offering just by being us.

So, my holiday reaffirmed a need that I have to touch and connect to those around me especially those who are caught up in the materialistic world that we live in because if I can make once person stop for one moment and think of ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ then Hazel Ballard is on a permanent holiday.

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