‘Voodoo’ Healing

August 1st, 2011

Medical Science has yet again shown its naivety in insisting that we are just bodies that need healing. Medical science is a wonderful gift but unfortunately it gives little or no consideration to our minds or our spiritual awareness. The three avenues became separated into sub divisions at the conception of medical advancement.

In an article in the Sunday Mail there appears to be some confusion over what healing is being offered under this scheme – there is a difference between Spiritual Healing and Reiki. Why is there always confusion over complimentary therapies?

Spiritual Healing can be given to any creed or denomination as it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s belief system.

I, personally, never ridicule anything because wonderful things do happen in this world that cannot be explained. I also ensure that I have first hand experience before I comment otherwise I am not in a position to.

To treat the whole person – body, mind and soul (the true meaning of holistic) – means that we are creating the best possible chance for a positive outcome when a person is ill. If a person is medically beyond the recovery stage we can still make a difference to the way they live their last days – surely you would want your loved one to feel at peace at this time.

I have offered local Hospices my time for FREE but no response I am afraid!

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