‘Prioritise spirituality’

July 20th, 2011

More than 80% of members (RCN) agreed that ‘spirituality and spiritual care are fundamental aspects of nursing’ – http://www.rcn.org.uk/bulletinextra.

When people become ill the medical profession does a great job of treating the physical symptoms and the majority of nurses are caring and considerate.

Our ancestors treated a person in a very different way. The body, spirit and mind of a person was respected and usually treated by one person who had an understanding that these three aspects were inexplicably intertwined.

The advancement of medical science meant that these three areas were divided up and ‘looked after’ by three different groups of people: medical staff (physical); psychiatrists etc. (mind) and priests etc. (spirituality).

How can we continue to separate these three fundamental parts of the whole person? Hopefully in the future, we can incorporate a team, working together in unison, where all these parts are given the same consideration whilst attending a person who needs so much more than they are given at the present time.

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