July 11th, 2011

What is the difference between a psychic and a spiritualist medium?

Too often they are classed as the same by the media and the population as a whole.  Before anyone goes to see someone who claims to ‘speak to the dead’ they should check them out just as they would a plumber, builder etc.   A person who works psychically is using their own ability to ‘read’ people and their messages are of a personal nature about what has happened within the life of the sitter.  A Spiritualist Medium, however, connects to the spirit world and gives messages received from a spirit person which includes details called ‘evidence’ to show that life does not end with death.   The best evidence that can be given is that which the sitter does not know and has to find out from others because this means that the Medium cannot possibly have got this information psychically.  It should be noted that some Psychics are extremely good.

So, how do you check out if they are bona fide?   Whilst word of mouth is always a good recommendation I would suggest that enquiries are made regarding the training that the Medium has undertaken.  The SNU (Spiritualist National Union) have in place a very strict accreditation scheme which involves written, practical and assessments which have to be undertaken before a medium can be registered as accredited.  More information can be found at their website:

Another thing to check out is to see if they are insured.

There will always be vulnerable people who do not ensure that these steps have been taken – they are the ones who could possibly have half an extension built whilst the builder disappears with their money – but it is our job, as Spiritualist Mediums, to ensure that the sitter knows exactly what to expect and that their welfare is our prime concern.

Unfortunately, this is another case of a ‘psychic’ who calls herself an entertainer giving the hard working Spiritualist Mediums bad press.

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